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just me [ November 18th @ 3:08am ]

hello again! have u seen my best girlfriend live ???? well she is now live on dirtystage href="http://camcam.ulinks.net/"> watch it now or try it later

sorry for the spam [ September 24th @ 4:59pm ]

hi everyone,

i know this community has been dead for years, but this lovely spam has brought it to life. i'm trying to make sure it gets deleted... i thought about deleting the entire community but there are some nice things in the archives i'd like to keep around.


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LAST CHANCE SALE! [ April 7th @ 11:24pm ]


i am moving and THIS FRIDAY is my last day to sell my stuff! please drop by my journal for great deals! FREE GIFT $5 OR UNDER WITH ANY PURCHASE. 2 FREE GIFTS IF YOU SPEND MORE THAN $50.

- japanese brand punk and lolita clothing and jewelry
- swimmer and decole jewelry boxes and home decor
- some great vintage pieces, including vintage gunne sax
- betsey johnson
- lots of anna sui cosmetics, never used
- bcbg coat, true religion jeans, hayden-harnett boots, camper shoes
- marc jacobs mouse shoes
- besame, lipstick queen, essie, dkny, vera wang, annick goutal, yves saint laurent, nina ricci, carol's daughter, tarte, juicy couture beauty products
- licca, momoko, j-doll, blythe, pullip, zombuki dolls

and as usual, tons of cheap jewelry and clothing! please go to magpiethrift!">
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BAGS FOR SALE!!! [ June 2nd @ 12:29pm ]

Item #1

Item Code: B008
Price: SGD$ 35
Colour: Brown and White

This bag can be carry as a hand bag and can support heavy and lots of stuffs. It's unique, huge and suitable for all type of occasion. Able to fit A4 size books and other stuffs easily. It has very good and unique pattern. Very nice design.

Enquires and orders, please email to: bshop01@gmail.com

OR VISIT US AT http://b-shop.blogspot.com OR http://bshop01.livejournal.com for more items!!!
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it's may, it's also being awhile! [ May 18th @ 5:51pm ]

Avant Gaudy Experimental Vintage Clothing

mucho new inventory! xoxo
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spring break, you know what that means [ March 19th @ 11:54am ]

well first i want to say hello and hope everyone is well :)

the next thing is i want to show you a couple of things we’ve got lately, buying and what not :)

and also its getting warmer in the northern hemisphere. hopefully everybody’s surviving the winter, and winter’s over! (almost)
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Lost In Manhattan [ December 29th @ 10:36pm ]
Since no- one has posted anything on this community for a long time, I decided to post this editorial from Vogue Paris. I don't have a whole editorial, which is photographed by Mikael Jansson, so couple photos are missing. This editorial was published in 2003 and is influenced by Sofia Coppola's film Lost In Translation . I hope you like the pics and styling.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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face time [ October 21st @ 9:17pm ]

the other day, while looking up info on one of my favourite models, du juan, i discovered something interesting and appalling. "Du Juan is the first Asian model to adorn the cover of the French edition of fashion magazine Vogue." the article goes on to discuss how "the Chinese" think Du Juan is pretty, while she holds more "appeal" to Westerners. what is with the discussion of different standards of beauty? after being told constantly that there is ONE beauty ideal, are we know saying that different parts of the world can idealize different kinds of women as beautiful? i don't know, it just got me thinking.

and i like this photoshoot, but hate how i don't like that she is styled as a "harajuku" girl (she's chinese, not japanese) but how i would hate it if a white model were styled as a harajuku girl.

model: du juan
photographer: paolo roversi

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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what do you think?
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pretty photoshoot. [ October 10th @ 8:56am ]

i want to dress like these ladies.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

magazine: bust
photographer: hilary walsh
styling: may redding
models: nicole, eve & hitomi

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two of my favourite modern women in a vintage inspired photoshoot? hot. [ October 7th @ 10:14am ]

magazine: flaunt
photographer: ?
models: scarlett johanssen and dita von teese

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

+7, slight nudity and kinkCollapse )

sorry for the two-month gap, i've been busy. expect a couple photoshoots in the coming days, and maybe a few insightful articles.
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Watch Fashion Week As It Happens! ♥ [ September 8th @ 10:56am ]

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le kid a new york [ August 10th @ 3:22pm ]

i just finished reading charlie chaplin's autobiography, so it seemed quite appropriate that i stumbled upon this photoshoot in foto_decadent entitled "le kid a new york." i love it so i thought i'd share it with you!

photographer: max vadukul
magazine: french vogue
model: shalom harlow

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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things i can't afford [ August 4th @ 9:46pm ]

my current dream outfit:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(without the tights and the shoes)

(plus these shoes)

grand total of outfit = 178$ that i don't have

a girl can dream!!!Collapse )

what's yours?
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Linn Olofsdotter [ August 3rd @ 4:34pm ]


wow. check out this stuff.

bio from her website: "Linn Olofsdotter, from Sweden, has explored many mediums before solidifying her career in the illustration field. After getting her education in both advertising and graphic design in Europe and the US, she moved to Brazil to start up a motion graphics studio along with her husband and creative partner. More recently Linn worked as a senior art director at a Boston advertising agency.

During the beginning of her career she used her skills as an illustrator to help brand TV networks such as Fine Living, MTV and Anime Network amongst others. Nowadays Linn works independently creating artwork for a number of clients in the Fashion, Advertising and Editorial fields such as Oilily, La Perla and Bon Magazine."

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the stranger i know [ August 2nd @ 6:08pm ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

pop magazine
the stranger i know

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exotic beauty! canada's next top uglies! [ July 20th @ 7:36pm ]


for those few of you who know Canada's Next Top Model existed, and the even fewer who actually watched it, you know that last night it came to a conclusion. Andrea, a 19 year old from Whitby, won the 100,000$ modelling contract and a photoshoot with a Canadian fashion magazine.

personal rantCollapse )

last night, the host called Sisi, who is Asian and the ONLY non-white contestant left, was called an "exotic" beauty. today in the toronto star, each of the three final contestants is labelled as "the slim Andrea... spicy Sisi, 24, and sweet Alanna, 19." what a surprise that the "slim" and "sweet" models are white, while the "spicy" and "exotic" one is Asian. sure, she was a live wire and more energetic than the other girls, but that doesn't necessarily mean she should be described with the same characteristics that could describe a dish of food!

how about a bunch of pictures so you guys can make your own judgements about who would
make the best modelCollapse )

this isn't a post to bash people who like watching these shows. i just hope to start a discussion about why you watch these sorts of shows and what you enjoy about them. tell me what you think!

sources: ohnotheydidnt, google, sisi's myspace, heather's myspace
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Rise of Raunch [ July 18th @ 10:44am ]

This article appeared in last Sunday's paper here in Ireland. It's peppered with references to Dublin, but I think it's an really excellent article. I feel like giving a copy of it to every teenager I see...


    This year, over the St Patrick’s Day festival, I had the dubious pleasure of covering nightlife in the capital city, from the on-street vomitting in Temple Bar to a rave in the Point Depot, from early houses to teenage discos to gay bars. The only element of all of this that saw me tut tut with pursed lips and a shaking head was, naturally, the under-18 disco at Wesley rugby club in Donnybrook. The much patroned and much scrutinised disco is of course, not the only one of its ilk in the country, but it is perhaps the most visible. Crowds of young teens line the D4 street and await entrance, hopping off the 46A bus, naggins of vodka in hand, and heading to the adjacent petrol station to stock up on red bull, chewing gum, condoms and cigarettes. It would not be quite so desperate a scenario if the young female patrons, most of whom are just skimming puberty, were not dressed like - and there is no other way of saying this - whores. They wear garters, suspenders, skirts that barely cover what they're meant to, push up bras, see-through tops, bunny ears, ironic angel wings, stilletto heals and endless lipgloss. Watching them strut drunkenly into a night of sloppy kisses and oral sex, sneaky drinks and badly rolled joints, I tried to put a word on how I felt. Then I got it - sad. Recently, Ariel Levy has managed to better articulate this personal feeling of discomfort, and a further universal one in her book ‘Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women And The Rise Of Raunch Culture.’

    Read more... (This is long but well worth reading to the end)Collapse )
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Guerilla Girls [ July 11th @ 6:18pm ]

This isn't quite fashion related, but I thought you girls would enjoy it. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Tate Modern in London, where I learned, among many other things, more about the Guerilla Girls. Under cut are photographs and info from the GuerillaGirls.com website. I urge you to find out more about these amazing girls.

Guerilla Grrls!Collapse )
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edith head, 1897-1981 [ July 11th @ 10:44am ]

i was watching rear window last night and absolutely loved it. i love hitchcock and james stewart and most of all, the wardrobe. one of the best costume designers ever, Edith Head, designed many of hitchcock's costumes, including vertigo, the birds and to catch a thief. after looking more into her life recently, i discovered she's basically my style inspiration because she's designed nearly all of my favourite wardrobes, at least from the 50s and 60s.

and while audrey hepburn's dresses were most often designed by hubert de givenchy, edith head won an oscar for best costumes for both sabrina and roman holiday. anyway, the reason i'm posting is to show you some of her lovely creations.
some of her creationsCollapse )
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miles aldridge [ July 9th @ 11:17am ]

magazine: vogue homme international, 2001
title: f64
photographer: miles aldridge

i thought this was an interesting shoot, i'll be posting more of his photoshoots as i find higher resolution ones. what do you guys think?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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