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the girl who cried wolf

edith head, 1897-1981

i was watching rear window last night and absolutely loved it. i love hitchcock and james stewart and most of all, the wardrobe. one of the best costume designers ever, Edith Head, designed many of hitchcock's costumes, including vertigo, the birds and to catch a thief. after looking more into her life recently, i discovered she's basically my style inspiration because she's designed nearly all of my favourite wardrobes, at least from the 50s and 60s.

and while audrey hepburn's dresses were most often designed by hubert de givenchy, edith head won an oscar for best costumes for both sabrina and roman holiday. anyway, the reason i'm posting is to show you some of her lovely creations.

audrey hepburn in roman holiday

bonnie and clyde, 1967

veronica lake in i married a witch and sullivan's travels

mae west in she done him wrong

more images here

all about eve</i>

i LOVE the collar on the black dress!

to catch a thief

rear window

funny face

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