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stylish and sassy

an anti-oppression spin on style

stylish while still using your brain!
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welcome to our community!
inspired by other livejournal fashion communities which had no interest in members discussing the overlapping of racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression with the world of fashion, we created stylishandsassy.

community rules:
1. discussion is encouraged! don't ever feel pressured to talk about something that makes you uncomfortable, but keep in mind we are here to share and learn.

2. posts should be fashion related. take pictures of what you've been wearing lately, or rant about a current trend you hate, or post fashion related articles or photoshoots. text-only entries are okay, but pictures are encouraged!

3. this is a fat-positive, queer friendly, anti-oppression community. please be respectful, if not welcoming, to different members. please avoid heteronormative language (i.e everyone post picture of your boyfriend! would be everyone, if you'd like, post pictures of your partner if you have one) and avoid comments like "oh my god i would die for your body." this is not say compliments are not welcome, they are, just try not to be self-depricating.

4. promotions may be deleted if deemed unfriendly or unrelated.

5. you don't have to identify as a feminist, but you DO have to be in favor of ending oppression based on race, sex, class, sexual orientation, and shape. if you're not in favor of any of those, you can go to any old other fashion community and fit right in!

6. no one should be telling anyone else what a feminist should look like. we are here to share what styles we likle for ourselves and others, but we are not here to create clones of one another. just because someone has long blond hair, wears lipstick, short skirts and heels, doesn't make them any less "feminist" than the hot, short haired butch girl who wears leather.

7. lj-cut when you have more than one or two images to post.