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i have such a love/hate relationship with fashion photography.

while i think these images are beautiful, i think we should ask a lot of questions around them. why are men shown in a setting that alludes to them working to accumulate their wealth, while women are portrayed as simply enjoying the wealth, while never working for it? while i've never seen such sexy business men in my life, that's what i read into the images of the men. i'll be posting a lot more fashion photography along with some critiques, if you guys would like to do the same! i hope you guys enjoy these images!

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i sometimes forget how fat-phobic people are.

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check out her website for more pictures of aretha in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. it just seems like there's no pleasing anyone in hollywood or the music industry; you're either too skinny, or too fat, and either way people will be judging your own personal health choices.

anyone interested in learning more about a lot of the lies about obesity and the health risks attached with being fat, here are some great books:

FAT!SO?: Because You Don't Have to Apologize for Your Size by Marilyn Wann

Fat: The Anthropology of an Obsession by Don Kulick, Anne Meneley

The Big Girls' Guide to Life: A Plus-Sized Jaunt Through a Body-Obsessed World by Bunkie Lynn
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i wish i could buy back the woman you stole

hello everyone,

i still want people to post/contribute! anything! things you want to see in this community! but for now, here it goes. i wrote an article on feminist fashion for my student & community newspaper, arthur (i'm on staff there, but this one was for the trent women's centre special supplement) so i thought i'd share it with you.

There does seem to be an unwritten assumption that feminists should cut their hair short and reject all “feminine” idealsCollapse )

now get cracking on making your own posts!
i want to hear what you guys have to say!
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audrey disguise

on the note of the oscars...

i thought about making a post about the hilarious oscar fashion choices, but instead i decided to post this. although, i must make one comment. as gorgeous as i think salma hayek is, i think a red-carpet host making a statement like "all you young girls out there, this is the body you want," is pretty outrageous.

in conclusion... yay to not owning a television!
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hello new members!

now that we have some people in the community, feel free to go back in the older entries and comment on anything that interests you. also, post and introduce yourselves! pictures are always great. this community is what you make it, so just post away and share your ideas!

for kicks, here's two hilarious songs from 1963 that i can't stop listening to.

How Lovely To Be A Woman by Ann Margaret

If You Wanna Be Happy by Jimmy Soul (1963)

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i wish i could go to this!!

Fat Femme Mafia presents:


Friday, February 24th
The Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St W, Toronto)
$6-10 sliding scale
Doors at 9pm
Proceeds to Phat Camp:

Hosted by Andrew Harwood, aka Miss Skinny Divine
With performances by:
- The Taptastics (featuring Allyson Mitchell, Daddy K, Emmet Outlaw, Tracey Tidgewell and Heather Bain)
- The Fat Femme Mafia
- Ambrosia
- Lamia
- with DJ Nikki Red
- and more!

To learn more about the politics behind it, check out
their article and sexy pics in xtra